Wybrane obiekty


  • otrzymasz oferty tylko tych obiektów, które spełniają Twoje kryteria
  • zaoszczędzisz kilka godzin swojego czasu
  • gwarantujemy najlepszą mozliwą cenę dla Twojego zapytania
  • raport jest darmowy
So how do we earn our living? Our services are provided to you free of charge for you and there is no catch here. Venues provide us with a small commission which, according to regulations, cannot be transferred on to you. Thanks to our stronger negotiating power, you may even save your money!
It’s simple. You’re saving time and money. Literally. We have strong negotiating power, so we can get you great rates. Our database consists of over 3500 venues, so we will find the perfect one for you faster. As a result, you will be presented with offers not only perfectly suited to your needs but also more favourable – just in 3 days. However, you can still get involved in all the menus and other important details of your meeting, just as if you were making the booking directly.
We have been in this business for 15 years. Over this period, we have formed very strong relationships with hundreds of venues across Poland. We have up-to-date contact details, strong partnerships, and we know how to research information quickly and efficiently. Above all, we provide our services at no cost to you! We do not interfere in any way with the details of your event, which you settle yourself after you have decided on the venue. All we do is provide a perfect meeting space for your events, conference, banquets and trainings.
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